Reaching the top, is harder than you can imagine if you haven't figured it out yet. And let me tell you something dear..
It doesn't matter what job you got, even your dream job.. There will ALWAYS be one and another bitch who wants to make life difficult for you by playing God at work! These assholes are nothing but insecure losers with a life worth a rotten penny.

But hey, life teaches us a lot from birth to death, and believe it or not.. you'll get much stronger each time someone step on you until you wake up a beautiful day and realize that you've had enough!
I'm living proof here. I've lived long enough to learn the more you're nice to people, the more they'll fuck you in the ass. Sad but true!
Just don't give up and try to stand up for yourself and dare to be loud and strong, and don't be afraid to confront the person if you wanna reach your goals in the near future!

These are my advices to you sweetheart and it's up to you
whether you want to follow them or not ;)

/Spankywhip - Webmistress