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Name: natuz
Har du någon tjejkompis från ditt forna land... eftersom jag suktar efter "mörka" tjejer som dig :P (trans. Do you have any female friend from your former country... 'cause I long for some "dark" girls like you :P)
Answer: Hahaha, I suspected that it wouldn't take so long until you threw away a question ;)  hehe, well my dear friend, of course I have. I smuggled down 3 beautiful ladies in a suitcase for a couple days ago, so they should be arriving any day now ;)

Name: Olki
vill veta om du har filmer med dej medverkande (trans. Just want to know if you got /there is any movies that you have been acted in?)
Answer: Yes, 2 movies.. nothing serious though

Name: Marcus
Question: "am i a demon, "need to know"
Answer: Well, I guess I'll have to ask my crystal ball ;)

Name: Patrik
är du en domina? söker du slav? i så fall är följdfrågan om jag får träffa dig och tjäna dig som din slav? (trans. Are you a dominatrix? Are you looking for a slave? Then my question is, can I see /meet you and serve you and become your own slave?)
Answer: Thanks Patrik, I'm really flattered.. but to be honest with you, I maybe like whips, handcuffs and chains and I love pvc, rubber and other shiny clothing.. but I'm not a dominatrix, not in real life.. And one other thing.. I'm also taken. But once again, I'm really flattered :)

Name: Ullis igen
Question: Var kan man få tag i produkterna? (trans. Where can I find those products?)
Answer: Most of the time in Beauty-salongs or you can order it from here too

Name: Ullis
Question: Hej! Har du nåt tips på en bra rengöring? (trans. Hi! What kind of a good cleanser do you recommend?)
Answer: It's hard to say since you didn't mention your skin type, so it's important for you to find out what type of skin you have and then look for a good cleanser that your skin respons well too. But plz check out the "beauty-page" here for more tips and information :) ..Otherwise, when it comes to skin-products.. I must say that I prefere "Karin Herzog". I've been working with those amazing products since year 2000 and I've seen wonderful results on my customers. They're a little bit expensive, but it's worth every single penny. Good Luck! :)

Name: Santa
Hoppas du har varit en snäll flicka i år annars blir det smisk på rumpan ;-) (trans. Hope you've been a nice girl this year or else I must spank you ;-)
*lol* hahaha.. well, you never known.. hehe

Name: Björn
Är du singel? (trans. Are you singel?)
Hehe, no I'm not :) My heart belongs to that man since feb -04

Name: Flesh_eater
Question: Mera blodiga bilder =) (trans. More bloody pics =)
Answer: I'll keep that in mind ;)

Name: Simon
Question: Snygga bilder. Är det du som fotar? (trans. Beautiful pics. Are you the one who takes those photos?)
Answer: Thank you Simon! Well yes and no. Most of my ego-pics are taken by me. But some of them are also taken by my nr.1 favourite photographer & best friend "Marie", my boyfriend and by couple of friends of mine too.

Name: Martin
Question: Har du msn? (trans. Do you have msn?)
Answer: Not anymore

Name: Evve
Vad använder du för läppstift? (trans. What kind of lipstick do you use?)
Answer: Giordani Gold /Oriflame. Color: Coco Red. Artnr: 5577