Spankywhip, also known as Dolorès, was born and raised in Beyrouth/Lebanon November 14 th, 1979.

At an early age, Spankywhip showed a great interest in art and went out school with highest grades 6 years in a row.
She moved to Lycksele/Sweden at age 11 with her family and learned the Swedish language in only 2 months.
11 years old and already spoke 4 languages fluently.
Swedish, French, English and Lebanese.
A year later, she began working as a waitress while
she was still in school and since then she
has tried virtually everything. Everything from acting to bass-playing and much, much more.

It didn't took so long before Spankywhip realized
that make-up was her greatest passion.
She had by then already worked as a
make-up-teacher and also won the first prize for the best Halloween make-up and costume, year 1999. Her specialty was /is Prosthetic.
Despite that, she's self-taught and not until about
8 years later she decided to still go an intense and short make-up course in Stockholm/Sweden, mostly to get it on paper.

Even photography has become a major interest for her the last few years and you can often see her posing in front of the camera. But if she had to decide, she'd rather be behind the camera.

So, what can we expect from Spankywhip in the future? Well honestly, you'll never know.
This is a woman who constantly has too many balls in the air... And what she surprises us with next, it remains to be seen.